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Mellon Foundation Grants Whittier $750,000 to Advance Digital Liberal Arts

The overall goal of the Mellon project is for Whittier College faculty to integrate the use of digital technologies into 40 courses. This will be accomplished during the four-year grant period.

Science and Learning Center Project Moves Forward

Whittier College has received $500,000 from The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation to support the redesign of the new Science and Learning Center (SLC). The SLC project – the largest capital project in the College’s 127-year history – involves a complete renovation of the primary academic building on campus. Construction on the Center is slated to begin in Spring 2015.

Whittier College Leverages Challenge Gift to Raise $4 Million For Science and Learning Center

A recent $1 million challenge gift has resulted in an additional $3 million in leadership contributions toward Whittier College's Science and Learning Center (SLC) project.

Physics Professor Awarded NASA Grant

Professor of Physics and Astronomy Glenn Piner has been awarded a $94,991 grant from the Fermi Guest Investigator Program at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Scientific Development

It is a truism that research opportunities in science and math at the undergraduate level have the power to highly motivate students—and open doors to future career paths.

Whittier Student Helps Expose High School Students to Scientific Research

With the goal of introducing high school students to hands-on scientific research, Whittier College student mentors and nine Pioneer High School students visited the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium recently as part of the Center for Engagement with Communities' (CEC) Artemis Project.

Mathematical Modeling of a Zombie Outbreak

I study different Zombie situations—like a basic Zombie attack, or one where the virus incubates for a while, or another where the infected population is quarantined, etc.

Whittier Hosts Southern California Conferences For Undergraduate Research

Whittier College welcomed more than 1,100 scholars from colleges and universities from throughout the region for the 2013 Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Chemistry Students Enthusiastic for Professional Research Opportunities

The Importance of an Undergraduate Research Experience for chemistry and biochemistry majors at Whittier College is best illustrated by the following quote from Miles Kubota '13.

Summer Research Advances Career Goals of Whittier Students

Research Experience for Undergraduates offer top Whittier College math and science majors the opportunity to spend summer months learning advanced research methods and preparing for work at the graduate level.