Naming Opportunities

Ways to Support the Whittier College Science & Learning Center

The re-designed Science and Learning Center—with its new laboratories and classrooms to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and flexible learning environments adaptable to future innovations in science education and research—will provide critical, ongoing opportunity for the entire campus. Here will be a veritable “ground zero” for students and faculty to explore and analyze, to pose and solve complex problems through tactile experiences and contextual application.

Capitalizing on Whittier’s proven success educating leaders, and given the evolving nature of science research and teaching, this primary academic resource will further enable the College to prepare a talented stream of scientists and science-literate citizens, ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead, and ultimately to transform the world.

The time is right, the impact certain, and the need great. Please accept our invitation to make this signature project a reality for future generations of students and faculty.

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Available naming opportunities are listed below:

Science & Learning Center $10,000,000
First Floor Lobby (South Entrance) $1,000,000
Second Floor Lobby (North Entrance) $1,000,000
Biology, Chemistry and KNS Office Suite $750,000
Environmental Science Office Suite $750,000
Math & Physics Office Suite $750,000
Psychology Office Suite $750,000
Research Labs, Shared Open Wet Labs (4) $1,000,000
Movement Lab with pop-out (1) $1,000,000
Teaching Labs, Level III (3) $1,000,000
Teaching Labs, Level II (4) $750,000
Teaching Labs, Flex (2) $500,000
Experimental Physics Research Lab (1) $500,000
Experimental Physics Teaching Lab (1) $300,000
Environmental Science Research Lab (1) $1,000,000
Field Equipment Room (1) $250,000
Environmental Science Prep Room (1) $250,000
Shared Computational Lab (1) $250,000
Health & Wellness Lab (1) $250,000
Psychology Dry Research Lab (4) $150,000
Tissue Culture Room (3) $150,000
Lecture/Colloquia (1) $1,000,000
Classroom, Large (3) $250,000
Classroom, Medium (3) $200,000
Classroom, Small (6) $150,000
Seminar Room (2) $100,000
Outdoor Classroom, Northside (1) $100,000
Astronomy Observation Area, Penthouse level (1) $100,000
Telescope Storage Room (1) $50,000
Faculty Offices * (49) $100,000
Office of Sponsored Research (1) $100,000
Health Science Program Advisor Office (1) $100,000
Lab Coordinator Office (3) $50,000
Student Study Area adjacent to 2nd Floor Lobby (1) $500,000
Student Lounge (large) with pop-out (2) $300,000
Collaboration Area with pop-out (2) $250,000
Student Lounge (small) with pop-out (2) $200,000
Student Breakout Areas (5) $100,000
Conference Room (1) $100,000
Lab Instrument, Storage and Support Spaces* (25) $50,000 – $150,000

* List available